Floppy Hats, Fashion Crazies, Baby Slings, & More [Style Shorts]


Not into sitting through the entirety of Grey Gardens or just too cheap to spring for HBO? No worries. You can check out Drew Barrymore’s colorful (we’re talking huge floppy hats and head scarves galore!) transformation into Little Edie in these rather artsy frame-by-frame screen caps documenting the sartorial craziness. We think Lady Gaga must be taking notes

Speaking of crazy, we swore we’d never wait in line for skinny jeans again after our Topshop opening experience. We’re still talking about it in therapy. Which is why we were nowhere near when Mathew Williamson’s H&M line launched today. If you weren’t one of the early morning, line-defying crazies, you probably wouldn’t never know it because all of the goodies are already sold out. As they say: the out of work fashionista with the shopping addiction gets the lower-priced worm…

While we’re getting all wormy, apparently Dov Charney & Co. LOVE Woody Allen. Like staffers are required to watch Annie Hall or they get whipped with cotton lycra leggings. Whatever. It’s obvious that American Apparel is shivering in their deep V-necks because of Woody Allen’s lawsuit. We’re not sure why we find the whole thing so funny.

The Gap is finally getting in on the vintage trend: 1969 that is. Designer Patrick Robinson admits they were going for both cool and relevant. Expect with the relaunched 1969 line “perfectly faded boyfriend jeans, rinse-wash skinnies, vintage-inspired bell-bottoms, and an elegant extra-long boot-cut — all in premium denim fits and with $69 price tags.” The Gap did make denim iconic and all, and we did work there one long lost college summer ago, so we’re rooting a comeback — complete with the obnoxious-yet-catchy commercials with lots of dancing.

Just a few months as the First Lady, Michelle Obama already has a book focusing on her style, called Michelle Style. Talk about a rush release … couldn’t the author think of a better title?

First she does Lady Gaga better than, eh, Lady Gaga. Now Nicole Ritchie stars in her own lookbook for her House of Harlow line, and she and the line actually look really great. It’s very LA bohemian, but in a good, anti-Lauren Conrad sort of way. Guess old Raisin Face taught her well.

Last but not least, Carles over at Hipster Runoff discusses the latest sartorial phenom for parents and their kiddies taking over the streets of Manhattan. The kewl looking sling. We cannot get enough of Carles: “I think I might just buy the kewlest shit for kids and stuff. Hopefully if I invest enough money in useful, high end conceptual babie products, the rest will ‘take care of itself.'”