Dear Photograph: Old Photos Get a New Life


“Take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.” That’s the tongue twister of an idea behind Dear Photograph, a new photo blog that launched on Tumblr a few weeks back, and has been gathering steam ever since. By combining voyeurism with nostalgia, the project feels a bit like reading Post Secret and a lot like combing through boxes of other people’s memories at a flea market — both activities that we tend to enjoy. You too? Click through to view a few of our favorite submissions so far, and if you’re game, send in your own photos to

“Grandma loved this beach.” Photo credit: Dan Perry

“Oh, to be young again.” Photo credit: Wizemark

“Chinatown use to be livelier.” Photo credit: @applesundae

“I looked good in a tux.” Photo credit: @TJ

“Me and my first bike. The bike I have now goes a little bit faster.” Photo credit: @bizaaron

“Any idea where them dinosaur shorts are at?” Photo credit: @OneMethodDotCom

“Dad always had the comfiest shoulder.” Photo credit: David

“He was a wonderful man and she grew up to be a wonderful woman.” Photo credit: Anonymous

“I drained 3’s all day!” Photo credit: Janet

“Dad never took a picture of me, ever. Then I noticed his reflection in the glass.” Photo credit: Anonymous