What Celebrity’s Memoir Would You Like to Read?


There’s nothing juicier than a celebrity memoir. And according to this article in New Statesman, the genre is a big part of what has been keeping the UK’s publishing industry alive while everyone holds their breath for the next Dan Brown book. But here’s what I find interesting: a quick look at some of the buzziest celeb tell-alls last year in the US (Chris Ciccone’s Life With My Sister Madonna; Valerie Bertinelli’s Losing It; George Hamilton’s Don’t Mind If I Do; Tori Spelling’s sTori Telling; Kirk Cameron’s Still Growing) suggests that this kind of book doesn’t have the same clout Stateside — unless you factor in Barack Obama’s Dreams from My Father , which didn’t come out last year, but certainly became increasingly relevant.

Or maybe it’s the fact that while the genre has attracted a slew of British A-listers (David Beckham, Peter Kay and Russell Brand) in recent years, we haven’t had that kind of read to look forward to in the US since. (I guess it should be noted here that Michael J. Fox’s Always Looking Up and Tori Spelling’s Mommywood are both on the Best Seller list. This makes me sad on so many levels.) But word is Kelly Osbourne and Miley Cyrus (whose combined age still doesn’t make them old enough to write a memoir) both have memoirs in the works, only furthering my point.

Which begs the question: Whose memoir would you love to read?