Who Should Star in the New Brian Wilson Biopic?


Today’s biggest pop-culture news is that visionary Beach Boy Brian Wilson is getting his own biopic, and The Tree of Life producer Bill Pohlad and I’m Not There screenwriter Oren Moverman are already attached to the project. As anyone who knows even the basics of rock history knows, Wilson has lived one hell of a strange and sad life, which would make great film fodder if handled properly. Although it’s encouraging that Pohlad and Moverman are on board, we’re interested to see who will end up directing the movie — and can’t wait to hear who will star in it. We have a few ideas on that front. Read them after the jump, then let give us your suggestions in the comments.

Unlike many other rock stars, Brian Wilson wasn’t your traditional sex symbol — so we don’t want to see A-list leading men like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp stunt-casted in the role. In fact, while comedians aren’t the obvious choice for a role with so much pathos, we can’t help thinking of some of our favorite sad clowns. We think John Hodgman, for instance, has a certain Wilson-esque look to him. But it’s the serendipitously named Rainn Wilson who ultimately gets our vote; he certainly has experience playing eccentrics, and with a good wig, he’d look the part, too.