Where There’s Smoke There Must be Chimneys [Flickr Found Photo Fridays]


This week’s found photos come from a weirdly perceptive suggestion left by one of our readers: Chimneys. Who knew there were so many different ways to release smoke from your fireplace? We saw industrial stacks, tin pipes, Victorian brick numbers, stucco Greek chimneys — there were even some ancient stone ones that we assume were used in prehistorical druid ceremonies (not to sound like nerdy fantasy novel enthusiast or anything…). In short, our exploration of the word “chimney” opened our eyes. Plus, we added the Library of Congress’ photo page to our ever growing pool of random Flickr awesomeness. After the jump, you’ll never see chimneys in the same light again. And leave more suggestions please!

Tim green aka Atoach


Library of Congress


Ciah Ciah


just Luc

Rusty Jaw