No, You Can't Have Your Money Back If You Don't Get 'Tree of Life'


Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life is a difficult film, and not everyone is going to enjoy it. In fact, when we went to see it a few weeks ago, we left the theater wondering whether Malick — who we’ve always loved — didn’t overshoot a bit in his attempt to illustrate the wonders of the universe, and the opposing, evidently Freudian, forces of nature and grace that rule it. Although we appreciated the movie’s artistry and ambition, it’s still entirely possible that there’s something about it we missed. And we’re OK with that. But some moviegoers apparently aren’t. Consumerist reports that a Connecticut theater has posted the sign below, informing Tree of Life ticket holders that the film is “a uniquely visionary and deeply philosophical film from an auteur director” that they should “read up on… before choosing to see,” and no, you can’t have your money back because you didn’t get it. Seriously, people — Green Lantern is the #1 movie in America and y’all are asking for a Tree of Life refund?