Scanned: Analog Scramblings of Classical Portraits


As part of ‘Share/d Heritage,’ a recent symposium at the Royal Library in Brussels, examining the digitalization of cultural heritage, design team Pam et Jenny created these oddly fascinating mis-scanned versions of classical portraits and what appear to be vintage film stills, which we came across over at but does it float. The distortion is perhaps a comment on our inability to truly put all kinds of art into the online realm, a visualization of the feeling you get when you see a painting online versus when you see it in person, and the result is haunting. All this is, of course, couched in the fact that we are currently seeing it on the internet. But just to counter those ideas with a significantly more lowbrow thought, we think these pieces totally look like the face-melting lenses we play with on Photobooth when we’re bored. Except if we were dukes and duchesses. Click through to see a few pieces from the project, and check out Pam et Jenny’s website for more.