Ben Lee Is a Woman, Too


I was about to write the editors of Jezebel to get them to rant about this new Ben Lee track I unfortunately just discovered… But then I wrote a post-length rant myself in the email, and figured I might as well share it with y’all. Here’s hoping the Jezzies do still weigh in. The offense: a song entitled “I’m a Woman Too,” which you can find on Lee’s MySpace player, the 11th track, last I checked. In it, he saccharinely professes his solidarity with women around the world by casting off the oppressive shackles of, well, gonads, and proclaiming (over, and over — there are precious few other words in the tune) that he’s a woman, too. Following his choral reasoning, it seems that if you’ve ever faced any kind of hardship, you qualify! And who’s been met with more adversity than Claire Daines’ ex, right?

Other “women” include Jews, Palestinians, and freedom fighters.

Bottom line: if Ben Lee is a woman, do I want to be one, too? Also of note is track seven, “Boy with a Barbie.” What is Lee trying to tell us? Didn’t he already win the indiekins sensitive guy award before John Mayer was ever nominated?