Looks Banana Republic's 'Mad Men' Collection Should Have Included


Mad Men may not be coming back until 2012, but starting August 11th you can dress like its beloved characters. Well, sort of. Banana Republic and Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant have teamed up to create a 65-piece collection for both men and women. The first images of the clothing surfaced last week, and for a line with such great source material, it seems a bit lackluster: lots of gray suits and A-line dresses, none of which look much different from what Banana Republic already sells. Since it seems like the designers need some help, we’ve rounded up some great costumes that definitely should have earned a place in the collection.

Joan’s bright, geometric-print dress is the mid-’60s in a single garment.

The brown suit is great, but the hat makes it. You can’t have a Mad Men collection without a Don Draper chapeau.

Although Peggy isn’t known for her great fashion sense, she started to loosen up last season. We love this gold-and-brown print dress from “The Suitcase” (aka the incredible episode where Don makes Peggy stay at work on her birthday and she repays him by saving Don from a breakdown).

Pete’s tennis sweater is a preppy classic.

Betty-as-Fellini-heroine-in-Italy is pretty much the only Betty we can stand.

There are some nice gray suits in the Banana Republic collection, but where are the Roger Sterling-style vests?

Betty and Peggy look fine here, but Joan steals the show. Every redhead deserves a great green dress.

Sad lady; beautiful dress

Don’s version of California casual is mod simplicity at its best — crisp, white shirt, skinny tie, and sharp sunglasses.

And finally, why is there no Pete and Trudy Campbell sleepwear line?