Courtney Love's Guide to Etsy


In her days as prolific tweeter, Courtney Love often wrote about her love for Etsy. So it’s no surprise that The Daily has discovered her profile on the site, calling her patronage of the site Love’s “latest addiction.” While others snicker at her poor spelling (a joke that’s as old as her mid-’90s AOL presence), we prefer to pick through her shopping cart. Say what you want about Courtney, but we find her taste — which ranges from grunge to Victorian — fascinating. We take a look at what Love has “favorited” after the jump.


Gemstones have apparently been on Love’s mind lately. Her favorites range from a $19 sphere of red selenite to the two-foot, $1000 strip of citrine you see above. We don’t know whether she’s into the crystals’ various New Age healing functions, but it wouldn’t surprise us if she were.

Tea accessories

Love has always come off as a bit of an Anglophile, so the appreciation of teapots (like the antique model above) and tea towels makes some sense. And to go with the English beverage of choice, she might enjoy some French macarons. Yeah, we wouldn’t mind having high tea chez Courtney.

Clothing and accessories

Love has rather exquisite taste in vintage clothing and jewelry, favoring Victorian and Edwardian garb, like this $600 “Titanic-era” blouse. Of course, the common themes in her “favorite” garments are beading and lace.

The French Revolution

It’s no secret that Courtney is a fan of French Revolution-era fashion and art. Marie Antoinette, pictured in the $10 art print above, also appeared on the cover of Hole’s most recent album, Nobody’s Daughter. If you know Love and Antoinette’s stories, there are more than a few points of comparison — and they aren’t all negative.

Kurt Cobain memorabilia

A curious (and perhaps touching) addition to the list: this $3.50 downloadable image of the bridge over the Wishkah River, where Kurt Cobain once lived when he was homeless.

Courtney Love memorabilia

It must have been a nice day for the artist when CLC herself made this portrait a “favorite.”

Vintage syringe

Just for show, right, Courtney? Right?!