Letterman Loves L.C., Prince Loves Mulah, & Susan Boyle Loves Red Patent Leather! [Morning Links]


Next season’s hottest new shows: Entertainment industry guru Nikki Finke has released her list of fall pilots generating buzz. (Advertisers and media will get a chance to preview most of these at the network “upfronts” in the coming weeks.) No surprise that both the Gossip Girl spin-off and Melrose Place remake made her roundup (and in fact were the only CW shows listed), along with Flash Forward, which ABC has been prematurely promoting during Lost, but we were kind of shocked to see Glee. Maybe we’ll have to rethink it. [via DHD]

Letterman wants to hate f*ck Lauren Conrad: Before you get excited, this is no Kristen Stewart skewering. But it so weird that you need to watch — if only for the moment when Letterman admits to wanting to see LC’s sex tape. We’ve got an idea: What if they brought him on The Hills as her next conquest? Sure his new wife might get pissed, but can you imagine watching him hang out with Brody and Frankie? Or attempting a conversation with Audrina? Reality TV gold. [via Defamer]

Ditch the hooker heels, Boyle: We’re not sure how we feel about Britain’s Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle’s “secret makeover” (translation: dye job, leather jacket, and some really shiny red shoes), but we do love the tabloid’s description of it: ���The Scottish spinster, who previously insisted stardom wouldn’t change her, left her home in Blackburn, West Lothian, with a spring in her step after swapping her unruly grey mane for a chestnut brown hue.” Huzzah. [via Daily Mail]

Prince has been naughty again: “Literary agency Vigliano Associates, Ltd. are suing Rogers Nelson, aka Prince, for allegedly using them to broker two book deals last year then cutting the agency out when it came time to sign.” Smarmy. But at least this time he’s screwing The Man and not a huge chunk of the audience who made him famous, right? Maybe that’s growth? Also: We find any use of Prince’s real name completely upsetting. [via Radar]

Headsets that read your mind: This news totally makes us feel like Terminator‘s Sarah Connor in that scene where Reese is telling her that machines will dominate the future and she’s all like, “What?!” But also excited because we’re super lethargic by nature: “In the coming months, cheap headsets that let you control technology with the electrical signals generated by your firing neurons will go on sale to the general public. Our relationship with technology — and our brains — will never be the same again.” [via New Scientist]