Almost 200 Copies of 'A Dance With Dragons' Ship Early


If you’re a big George R.R. Martin fan, then you’re probably anxious for July 12th to go ahead and get here already. If you’re an extremely lucky George R.R. Martin fan, then perhaps you’re one of the 180 or so people who accidentally received a copy of A Dance With Dragons (the fifth book in his Song of Ice and Fire series) two weeks before everyone else. This is a really big deal when you’ve been waiting for your next hit of literary crack for six long years — especially after being told by the author himself in the postscript of Feast of Crows that it was already half-written and would be finished within the year. Fanboys (and girls) aren’t exactly known for their patience. They get angry.

Martin’s publisher, Voyager Books, is asking everyone to stay away from GRRM fansites, in order to avoid spoilers: “You’ve got a remarkable journey ahead of you, and some stunning surprises, and nothing should come between you and that experience. The embargo is now being thoroughly enforced by all accounts and customers around the world to ensure that no more copies are sold early.” Will you be able to resist the temptation to find out what happens? [via io9]