Anti-Domestic Violence Group to Protest Odd Future at Pitchfork Fest


It seems that we aren’t the only ones less than impressed with Odd Future’s look-at-us-we’re-so-outrageous shtick — an anti-domestic violence group is apparently planning to protest at July’s Pitchfork Festival against the collective’s presence on the bill. WBEZ critic Jim DeRogatis reported a little earlier today that Chicago-based group Between Friends will be at the event to hand out 5,000 cardboard fans adorned with “a powerful message about violence against women” in the hope of getting attendees “discussing the issue and knowing where to turn for help.” Sadly, we can’t really imagine that either OFWGKTA or their fans have the remotest interest in stopping and thinking about why people are so down on their shock-horror lyricism — if anything, this whole affair will probably lead to much further hand-wringing about whether Tyler et al are just kiddies who don’t know any better, or whether they’re actually just playing out roles and people just don’t get it, man, or whether they really are spoiled, misogynistic, homophobic little turds. Next, we suggest Pitchfork be picketed for still thinking that bratty teenagers making naughty statements in search of attention are remotely interesting. (And we look forward to commenters calling us “faggots” again in five… four… three… two…) [via WBEZ]