Video of the Day: Please Don’t Feed the Polite Bears


The street art smarties over at Unurth turned us on to Phil Lumbang, an emerging street artist (who also happens to be Shepard Fairey’s art assistant) making a name for himself with work heavily influenced by his love of cartoons. (Before you dismiss it as cute fluff, the bears in the pic to the right are making a commentary on equality.) The video after the jump documents his virgin voyage.

In his own words: “Painting my first mural sparked something inside me and began to fuel an interest I never knew I had. A little after I started painting an old man pulled up and told me what I was doing was ‘stupid.’ Despite his comment I continued painting. Moments later a cop pulls up to Estaban, my friend who was filming, and starts to talk to him. Not really knowing what do I ran across the street to greet the officer. After a short conversation with him, not only did he let me keep painting but he also gave me a boost of confidence.”

A recent limited-edition run of his hand-painted prints sold out almost instantly. So what do you think of his work?