Thomas Pynchon's '60s Beach Apartment for Sale


Because one of America’s greatest living writers is also among its most reclusive, we can’t help finding every new tidbit about Thomas Pynchon’s life fascinating. So it was with great, prurient pleasure that we perused these photos Curbed has posted of the Manhattan Beach, CA apartment the author lived in the late ’60s and early ’70s, and where he is rumored to have written all or part of Gravity’s Rainbow. The duplex that includes Pynchon’s one-time one bedroom, one bathroom is currently up for sale for a cool $1.05 million. Curbed points out that the listing leaves open the possibility that a new owner could demolish the building and construct something new. Given our fondness for kitschy, California beach architecture and respect for literary landmarks, we think that would be a shame. Check out a few photos of Pynchon’s former digs after the jump.

All images via Redfin