Open Letter to the U.S. Attorney’s Office: Free Kevin Cogill


It’s my guess that if we’d told 27-year-old blogger KEVIN COGILL as a child that one day he’d end up in jail because of GUNS ‘N ROSES, he wouldn’t have believed us.

But sadly, ’tis true. Maybe.

Cogill pleaded innocent yesterday against charges that he illegally posted songs from GNR’s upcoming release, CHINESE DEMOCRACY, on his site back in August. If convicted, Cogill could face up to three years in federal prison, which seems really harsh for a few AXL ROSE tracks.

The official line from Guns N’ Roses is that they’re more interested in finding the original source of the material that Cogill posted.

What do you think? Does he deserve to welcome his thirties in the concrete jungle or is the government being too heavy-handed here?