Is BBC America's 'The Hour' the New 'Mad Men'?


Sure, the hot weather is here, along with the free outdoor concerts and afternoons at the beach. But we have to admit that it doesn’t quite feel like summer without Mad Men. By now, it’s become a Sunday-night ritual: have a few friends over, mix some icy cocktails, and cool off in front of the TV with everyone’s favorite stylish, engaging retro drama. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until early next year for Season 5. In the mean time, there are plenty of pretenders to Mad Men‘s ’60s-glamour throne: ABC’s Pan Am, about airline staff, and NBC’s The Playboy Club, are both set in 1963 and will premiere this fall.

BBC America, meanwhile, is beating the major networks to the punch by sneaking in before the summer ends with The Hour, which debuts August 17. Featuring an impressive (and attractive) cast helmed by Dominic West, Ben Whishaw, and Romola Garai, the six-part series takes place in a British TV newsroom in the ’50s. The quick, highly stylized trailer below doesn’t tell us much — but it certainly promises its share of Mad Men-esque dapper men, fashionable ladies, witty dialogue, and workplace intensity. We know we’ll be watching, highball in hand. How about you?

[via BrowBeat]