What We’re Listening To At Flavorpill


Welcome to What We’re Listening To, a weekly roundup of the tracks that have been getting the repeat treatment in our office. After the jump, ten songs that FP staffers are loving right now, along with some light commentary on why we think they’re special (we hear A LOT of music ’round here). Enjoy and feel free to leave your own recent obsessions in the comments.

1. “Promise Less or Do More” by The Whitest Boy Alive I love the white light/white heat of this break-up song.

2. “Hold The Line” by Major Lazer It’s sooooo fresh and this shit makes me want to dance!

3. “Night Moves” by Bob Seger Three seconds of Tina Fey singing “working on my night cheese” on last night’s 30 Rock brought this one straight out of the archives.

4. “Yekermo Sew” by Mulatu Astake Basking in the blues before this weekend’s red-hot heatwave.

5. “Help I’m Alive (The Twelves Remix)” by Metric You know you’re doing something right when you can take a mediocre single and remix it into something beyond dancefloor-worthy.

6. “Rainwater Cassette Exchange” by Deerhunter Deerhunter continues the tropical doo-wop sound that the end of Microcastle was hinting at. Perfect for laying around in the summer sun.

7. “Icicles” by Evil Nine feat. Seraphim UK DJs + Brooklyn underground hero. Somehow every track ‘Phim touches makes me wanna hop the A train to JFK and catch the first flight to far, far away. Also, zombies.

8. “Farewell to the Fairground” by White Lies This is the third single from their debut album, and the best so far. This band can take a while to grow on you, but their way with harmonies and song structure is really impressive — especially for a group covering themes as dark as the ones they tend to tackle.

9. “You Can Have It All” by Yo La Tengo Because it’s so pretty.

10. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song” by Chuck Lorre Self-explanatory.