A Few Things We Enjoy about 'Roseanne's Nuts'


As big Roseanne Barr fans, we have to admit that our most anticipated TV premiere of the summer isn’t Curb Your Enthusiasm or even The Hour ; it’s Roseanne’s Nuts, the Lifetime reality series that follows Barr’s adventures as a macadamia nut farmer in Hawaii. Vulture has posted a few clips from the show, and while they judge it to be “nuts,” we think it looks like everything we hoped it would be — namely, Roseanne swearing like a sailor, bossing everyone around, and generally being the smartest, crankiest lady in the room. Watch three snippets of Roseanne’s Nuts and follow along as we enumerate what we enjoy about the preview after the jump.

1. Roseanne’s cowboy hat, worn over a bandanna. Gangsta!

2. Dogs

3. Roseanne wreaking havoc with professional-grade farming vehicles

4. Roseanne cursing out some trees

5. Roseanne in overalls

6. Roseanne in pigtails

7. Roseanne’s utter frankness in response to her son’s query about whether she picks the nuts: “I hire people, are you shitting me? I’m not coming out here, spreading shit.”

8. Roseanne’s leopard skirt (apron?), worn over jeans. Girl, we have been there.