Quote of the Day: Mike Tyson and Nature vs. Nurture

“I remember doing the narration for another Tyson documentary and I was allowed to ad lib, and I made the comment, ‘You train a pitbull, and you get mad when it eats the furniture.’ And that’s why boxing is so rough — you take a brutal sport, and you train someone to fight like a barbarian and then ask them to be a gentleman; it’s a paradox. We want to see these guys kill each other, and then we turn around and want some other type of behavior. I think Mike really did the best he could with all the leeches and the other people around him expecting him to never lose.”

– Ice T writes about his “hero” Mike Tyson (a 42-year-old unemployed father of six) for the Daily Beast. James Toback’s doc TYSON is now playing in New York and LA.