Video of the Day: Location Scouting 'The Hobbit'


Okay, we’re about to completely reveal our secret (not so secret?) geekiness here, but we’re pretty darn excited by this just-released second production video from the set of The Hobbit (watch the first one here). In it, we fly with Peter Jackson over hill and dale, searching for the perfect spots in the Southern alps for the 80% of filming they have left to do. Not all of the video is amazing — at the risk of being indelicate, we can’t say we’re overly interested in what each cast member is doing with their break — but it’s a rare chance to get an insider view of what location scouting is like. Plus, you get to watch Peter Jackson flop around on the rocks and talk about keeping Gandalf away from the port-a-loos. Priceless.

[via /Film]