Our New Favorite Activity: Drawing Every Person In Miami


One of our favorite websites, Sketchy Miami, has a goal that is, as they put it, “simple and impossible: to create a portrait of every person in Miami.” Miami locals submit photos of themselves and local artists (or anyone local who calls themselves an artist) turn the photos into portraits. The ‘sketchys’, as they’re called, range from photorealistic renderings to magical reimaginations to literal sketches, and though the artists vary in interest and skill level, it’s wonderful to see the world through other people’s eyes.

According to their website, the project was conceived to “facilitate [the subject/portraitist relationship] between thousands of local artists and residents. We believe the intimate nature of the exchange — giving one’s image, one’s face, to an artist to depict — will forge a bond of trust as no other art form could. In time, Sketchy Miami will become a definitive and inspiring testament to Miami’s diversity, ethnic, creative, physiognomic, and otherwise.” Sounds good to us, and we’re officially requesting a sister site for NYC. We’ve collected a few of our favorite photo-to-sketch transitions after the jump, but be sure to check out the site for yourself, and even submit a photo or a sketchy if you live in the area!

Artist: Francisco Ferreiro

Artist: Andre Loli

Artist: Brian Butler

Artist: Adam Schachner

Artist: Carolina Rodriguez