Yoko Ono Threatens Beatles-Themed Bar with Lawsuit


Depending on which side you take in the “She killed the band” debate, it’s every Beatles fan’s dream or nightmare to get a letter from Yoko Ono. We don’t know how Mike Craig of Dundee, Scotland felt about her up until now, but we’re guessing he’s not big into Ono these days. Craig, you see, is the owner of Lennon’s Bar, a pub that is not only named after John Lennon but is also decorated with Beatles memorabilia. As the photo to the right shows, Lennon and his band mates also feature prominently in the establishment’s signage. This did not please Ono’s lawyers, who recently accused Craig of copyright infringement and gave him 14 days to change the pub’s name and get rid of his (apparently quite costly) tchotchkes. “It’s ridiculous,” he told Jam Showbiz. “The pub’s been called Lennon’s for about five years, but the signs will be removed this week.” Who do you think is right, readers? Is Ono being greedy, or is she simply protecting her husband’s memory from exploitation? [via NME]