Google's First e-Reader Looks Like an Old Kindle


Earlier today Google announced that it’s partnering with iRiver to release an e-reader that looks a lot like a first generation Kindle, but will give users direct access to the Google eBookstore, which has more than three million titles available for free download. It should also be able to check out books from your local library. The device hits Target stores on July 17th, and will retail for $140, which is what you’d pay for the Kindle 3 or the Nook Simple Touch. What remains unclear is whether or not it’s worth as much.

“Aside from the Google eBooks integration, obviously the most interesting selling point will be the crisper text that the higher-resolution display delivers,” writes David Carnoy at CNET. “But with more e-ink readers moving to a touch-screen interface and a more compact design without a keyboard, the Story HD’s design faces the problem of seeming marginally dated at launch.” Zing! Do you take this as a sign that Google is officially tapped out on new product ideas, or do you plan on checking this e-reader out? [via Business Insider]