Awesome Infographic: The United States of Netflix Local Favorites


As Brooklyn residents, we’ve been known to marvel at our borough’s good taste in movies, based on what shows up in our “Netflix Local Favorites” list. Today, for instance, we’re seeing some Antonioni, a whole lot of John Cassavetes, a documentary on Keith Haring, and even — one for the real film nerds — the Ross McElwee documentary Sherman’s March. So we’re fascinated by Slacktory’s United States of Netflix Local Favorites. Although some picks are obviously location-appropriate (New York gets New York Stories, Hawaii has Hawaii’s Last Queen, the formerly “Wild West” is flush with Westerns, etc.), there are surprising picks, too: viewers in Maine, for instance, are apparently big fans of My Own Private Idaho. But our favorite observation concerns the popularity of ’90s classics (Singles, Drugstore Cowboy) in the Pacific Northwest. Perhaps Portlandia was right: The dream of the ’90s is alive in Portland! Click here to see a larger version of the map.