Wanted: Temporary Tattoos for Design Geeks


Temporary tattoos get a bad rap. From the Spongebob Squarepants stick-ons you most often find in supermarket vending machines to the messy, do-it-yourself mehndi kits that were so popular around the same time Gwen Stefani was sporting a bindi, they never really seem all that appealing. So, what are those of us who appreciate nice ink but suffer from a serious fear of commitment to do? Now, you can check out Tattly — a design-savvy shop where you can buy fake tattoos including Marc Johns’s smoking rabbit, Julia Rothman’s Polaroid camera, and James Victore’s tribute to New York. See some of our favorite selections from their stock after the jump.

Marc Johns, “Rabbit”

James Victore, “I ❤ New York”

Julia Rothman, “Instant Camera”

Jessica Hische, “Type Nerd”

Frank Chimero, “Knucks”

The tattoos are $5 per two-pack, but Tattly is running a rather tempting launch special: for $35, you can get all 15 original designs.