Will Oprah Save the OWN Network as CEO?


Quick question: Can you name one program on OWN, the struggling cable network that Oprah Winfrey launched back in January? We can’t either. That’s why we find it interesting that The LA Times is reporting that Oprah just named herself OWN’s chief executive and chief creative officer. While she’s already spent hundreds of millions on programming and promotion, Winfrey has admitted that her focus — which is perhaps invaluable — was previously trained on the epic final season of her daytime talk show.

Considering that we know absolutely nothing about running a TV network, but can clearly see that this should have been the setup from the beginning, do you think that OWN now stands a chance of surviving? Or do you think that this will be the first time that we will see Oprah, who has an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion, fail at something showbiz-related? Tell us what you think in the comments in your best Oprah shouting voice.