Vintage Pin-Up Alternatives to American Apparel Ads


American Apparel ads are notoriously lusty, which is not in itself terrible. Yet, coupled with their their uncouth hiring policies and the ever-worsening brand stigma, it’s difficult to enjoy this form of titillation without feeling the bad kind of dirty. And really, they’re not very original. Those awkwardly provocative poses, the hotel room photo sessions and yes, the thigh-high socks, leotards, and head ties have all been around for decades.

The solution? Instead of looking at their faux-amateur pin-up-esque advertisements and hating yourself for it, check out these real amateur pin ups from the ’70s and beyond. Glossy vintage-tinged photo shoots? Nah, how about some authentic vintage ones! We have perused the archives of a most excellent photo blog These Americans and rounded up the most fitting alternatives. Now isn’t looking at naughty strangers long-lost to time better than being marketed at with lace-clad crotch?

All images via These Americans.