Mark Twain's Illustrated 'Advice to Little Girls'


When Mark Twain wrote the cheeky short story ‘Advice to Little Girls’ in 1865, he probably didn’t mean for it to actually be shown to little girls. Or maybe he did — we all know what a mischievous scoundrel Twain was. Now, author and illustrator Vladimir Radunsky has created an honest-to-goodness picture book out of Twain’s text, so that every smart-alecky little girl will have someone to point to — Mark Twain, no less — when she’s caught terrorizing her little brother. ‘Advice to Little Girls’ is a sharp, charming story suitable for smart girls (and grown ups!) everywhere, and Radunsky’s illustrations bring it to scribbled, red-cheeked life. It may just be the best picture book we’ve ever read. Visit the New York Review of Books’ website for a slide show of images, and make sure to check out Radunsky’s website for more of his work.