A Carless LA And 10 Other Beautiful Video Odes To Cities


Ross Ching’s newly refurbished ‘Running on Empty’ video, a time-lapse fabrication of an LA with no cars, has gotten a lot of hype in the past few days in conjunction with the whole ‘Carmageddon’ fiasco in LA. Even though Carmageddon turned out to be a dud, Ching’s video is a beautiful ode to Los Angeles, worth watching no matter where you live. To our minds, the time-lapse video is something akin to watching a city fly by in a cab — it can feel removed and relaxing, touching and surprising, and is a pretty, easy way to experience something huge. To that end, ‘Running on Empty’ inspired us to gather a collection of other lovely time-lapse-based odes to the world’s most fascinating cities, from Berlin to Seoul to Abu Dhabi to New York. Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in somewhere else.

Los Angeles:

Running on Empty (Revisited) from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

New York:

The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo.


Paris Vol. 4 from The Seventh Movement on Vimeo.

Abu Dhabi:

ABU DHABI 2011 – time lapse film (shorter version) from Beno Saradzic on Vimeo.


BERLIN 4D from Ringo Paulusch on Vimeo.


London Timelapse HD – Lumix GH1 from properniceinnit on Vimeo.

Quebec City:

Timelapse – Quebec city winter 2010 from Dominic on Vimeo.


Miniature City Shanghai – Tilt Shift Time Lapse from Joe Nafis on Vimeo.


Floating Chicago – A collection of mirrored skyline timelapses from Craig Shimala on Vimeo.


Get up and go from Stefan Werc on Vimeo.


Seoul Time Lapse 2011 from Oh Choong Young on Vimeo.