Cartman Devotees: Now You Too Can Grow Obese On Cheesy Poofs


You know Cheesy Poofs are awesome, but have you ever wondered how awesome? Sure, the flabby figure of Eric Cartman, chief Cheesy Poof devotee, is some indication, but there’s no real way to be sure. Except that now there is. To celebrate what is (kind of unbelievably) the 15th season of South Park, Comedy Central has coordinated with Frito-Lay to produce 1.5 million bags of Cheesy Poofs for the real-world public to purchase at — where else? — Wal-Mart, starting October 15th. “It’s fair to say the viewers of programs on Comedy Central overlap well with consumers of our products,” a Frit0-Lay spokesman told the NYT. Um, burn? Or maybe not, we don’t know. Dearest readers, will you buy and/or eat Cheesy Poofs this fall? Let us know in the comments! [via NYT]