Gallery: Víctor Enrich's Insane 3D Architectural Illustrations


Víctor Enrich started designing unreal cities since he was 10 years old and, though he’s learned new techniques and gone through architecture school, he’s never stopped. Enrich creates fantastically surreal illustrations of buildings, so lifelike you have to think twice, wondering if they could possibly exist in the world as we know it. These illustrations push at the edges of architectural possibility, turning familiar buildings into fantasy objects and cityscapes into irrational playgrounds. As the artist told Arch Daily, “the works tend to resurrect the urban form, probably the most overlooked field of the architectural world … the cities of today have not been designed. Even, most of them were never designed, so what we see is the result of very random processes of addition and subtraction of objects, buildings, roads etc, pending on strong private economic interests. There is a background process of understanding the city at a geometric level.” Click through to see our favorites of Enrich’s manipulated cityscapes, and check out even more of his work over at Arch Daily.