Gay ‘Archie Comics’ Character Scores Monthly Spin-off


About a year ago, Archie Comics stepped boldly into the 21st century, introducing Riverdale’s first gay teen. Recently, we’ve learned more about Kevin Keller in a four-issue mini-series detailing his background and relationship with his military father. Although introducing Kevin may have seemed like a risky move for the retro comics publisher, he’s become so popular that ArtsBeat reports the company is giving him a monthly spin-off series of his own, beginning in February. Kevin will be the class president in the high school-focused story line, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be entirely free from social strife. Dan Parent, the writer-artist who created the character, noted,“Even the most popular kids are not popular with everybody. There’s some adversity he’ll have to deal with.” Kevin will also appear, grown up and married(!), next year in Life with Archie, a series that imagines the Riverdale gang as adults.