What’s On at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we were thankful to Buzzfeed for rounding up some of the best Piegate-related tweets and Mental Floss for compiling this list of 10 other people who have been pied in the past. We were sad to hear that The Silent Barn, one of Flavorpill’s favorite DIY venues, was robbed and vandalized over the weekend. We watched a stop-motion reenactment of Mike Lacher’s McSweeney’s masterpiece “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.” We wondered how many couples could withstand the stress of documenting their relationship on camera. We discovered our new favorite cereal mascot. We were glad to see that Spike Jonze and the Beastie Boys still play so well together. We felt guilty for misusing “literally” so much, but we literally can’t stop. We read about some foods that it’s probably best to avoid unless you’re looking to have a heart attack. We were fascinated by this narcotics and dangerous drugs identification kit from the ’60s. So pretty! And finally, we were kind of bored by this motion poster for The Hunger Games. We know that the film is still a long way off, but we hope to see some more interesting eye candy — preferably the kind that doesn’t make our computer freeze up — in the near future.