“Apatow World” Looks Like Real Life, No?


OK. Let me preface this by saying that I love most of Judd Apatow’s movies. So maybe I’m a bit biased about the video that awaits you after the jump. The idea is cute: Streeter Seidell and Sarah Schneider from that College Humor/MTV thing we’ve never watched have written a song called “In an Apatow World.” It’s all about how the schlubby dudes in the Frat Pack movies would never be able to bag the chicks that they land in reel life in real life. Har har.

But here’s my issue: I don’t think Streeter and Sarah look physically mismatched. And most of the girls I know drool over Seth Rogen. Some of the commenters on Jezebel even drool over Jonah Hill in a body stocking. I won’t go that far but, it proves my point. Which is: I think most guys are more offended/startled/confused by the match ups in these flicks than women are because I think most women are willing to overlook a world of physical flaws if they think a guy is funny. The reverse: Not so much. Ergo: guys just don’t get how Rogen can be our Katherine Heigl. But he is. Need proof: Just look at the hottie who Judd’s married to. And they met on the set of The Cable Guy. Leslie wasn’t chasing his Hollywood clout.

OK, enough Mars/Venus ranting. Watch the video. Leave a comment. Ridicule my adoration of Jason Segel’s funny naked body. I don’t care.

BTW, if anyone from College Humor is reading this, your video player is way to freaking wide.

[via Vulture]