There’s an Entire Fake Apple Store in China


Many thanks to Jason Kottke for directing us to this fascinating post by a blogger living in Kunming, China — a small city which is home to what might just be the world’s first fake Apple store. “RP and I went inside and poked around,” BirdAbroad writes of her discovery. “They looked like Apple products. It looked like an Apple store. It had the classic Apple store winding staircase and weird upstairs sitting area. The employees were even wearing those blue t-shirts with the chunky Apple name tags around their necks.” You can probably guess where this is going, but here’s what we find the most interesting/heartbreaking part of all: In a Truman Show-style twist, the salespeople all really think that they’re actually working for Apple. Click through to check out some images from the fake store, and let us know in the comments how you think how this copy compares with the real thing.

All images via BirdAbroad.