Video of the Day: A Student Film Starring Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider


Ask any former undergraduate film major we know (including your author) to see one of her student shorts and the reaction you get will probably involve some blushing, stammering, and a confession that said movie is terrible. This is one of the reasons we’re so impressed with Yousheng Tang’s School of Visual Arts senior thesis project “Behind the Scene,” a beautifully shot “celebration of filmmaking and the people behind the scene who make it happen.” The seven-minute short unfolds in one graceful Steadicam shot and includes several moments of genuinely funny insider humor (“Schwing is my vision!” screams a lingerie-commercial director).

Now for the other reason we love “Behind the Scene”: It features a wonderful appearance by Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, as himself, uttering his immortal line, “We’re not gonna take it,” not once but twice. A quick scan of the credits reveals that Snider’s son, Cody Blue Snider, is one of the film’s producers.