Watch Roseanne Sing the National Anthem — Respectfully!


As you might remember, we were pretty excited about Roseanne Barr’s return to prime-time TV with Lifetime’s Roseanne’s Nuts, a reality series that chronicles her life as a macadamia farmer in Hawaii. Two weeks in, we are pleased to report that it does not disappoint — there’s drama, profanity, humor, tenderness, and ample nuttiness, too. The highlight of the two episodes that aired last night was a scene that had Roseanne singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at a Little League game. Yes, the folks in charge of kiddie baseball actually handed the mic to a woman famous for butchering the national anthem and then grabbing her crotch at an MLB game back in 1990 — and it’s a good thing they did! Roseanne redeemed herself with a respectful rendition that also proved she isn’t a bad singer. Watch her nail it after the jump.

[via Aol TV]