Jason Mecier’s Portraits of Celebs in Junk, Food, Pills, and Makeup


We’re not being hyperbolic when we say Dangerous Minds saved our sweaty, potentially miserable, 101-degree New York City Friday by posting some wonderful work by Jason Mecier. Using everything from household trash to food to cosmetics to pills, Mecier creates witty and appropriate collage portraits of cultural icons: Jerry Seinfeld in cereal, Andy Warhol in Campbell’s soup cans and plastic bananas, Dolly Parton in hairspray, Courtney Love in pills. His work is heavy on gay icons (hello, RuPaul in makeup), and each piece is so delightful we struggled to limit our gallery to 20 pieces. Check out our favorite Mecier portraits after the jump, and then do yourself a favor and head to his website, which truly has something for everyone. Oh, and one final note of warning: The last page of this post is a wee bit NSFW.

Tina Fey

Jerry Seinfeld

Parker Posey

Andy Warhol

Courtney Love

Missy Elliott

Dolly Parton


Stevie Nicks

Barack Obama

Lady Gaga

Jack White and Meg White

Nancy Botwin, Weeds

Nomi, Showgirls (in licorice!)

Conan O’Brien


Varla in the Car (from Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!)

Patti Smith

Richard Simmons