Leto is a Hugger, Ahmadinejad is a Wannabe, & the iPhone is a Goner (Not Really) [Morning Links]


And the award for grossest lede goes to: “Here is one thing you probably do not know about Jared Leto: He is a hugger.” [via MTV News]

Game on, Gates: Microsoft is going to take down the iPhone. Or at least they plan to try. [via WSJ]

Scarier than Nuclear Wintour: Not a chance. But still, the Viscountess of Vogue is a fashion force to be reckoned with. [via NYO]

The new Tonight Show logo: Would you want it on a tee? Or a mug? Yeah, we didn’t think so. [via TV Squad]

Your mom will be happy: Cirque du Soleil will bring a new show to the Beacon Theater next year; they also plan to do something at Radio City Music Hall to trick tourists looking for the Rockettes. [via NYT]

The worst sequel ever?: What do we like even less than Shia LaBouf in Indiana Jones? Shia Lebouf playing a greedy Wall Street trader. [via EW]

Mahmoud Ahmandinejad is a total copycat: And apparently a rhymer as well. Yes We Can Iran. [via Guardian]

Bonus link: Dickensurl.com