Incredibly Condescending “Gen Y Hipster” Infographic


The folks at Salty Waffle call the “Gen Y Hipster” Get Satisfaction infographic below, which claims to explain young people’s buying habits, “fun.” Us? As members of the elusive Gen Y, we find it more than a little condescending — and also potentially misleading. It pairs snarky, entirely non-factual observations (“Expensive accessory to legitimize claims of creativity,” “Skinny jeans necessitate external placement of jeans”) with dubious statistics that lack citation (30 percent of Gen Y is apparently made up of “Creators and Trend Setters,” while 57 and 54 percent are “Joiners” and “Spectators,” respectively). Meanwhile, what’s the deal with the “knit cap hides rising hairline under guise of youthful fashion” crack? First of all, 1993 called, and it wants its winter-hats-all-year trend back. Also, if we’re supposed to be talking about people under 30, are receding hairlines really a defining concern? Witness the mess after the jump.