New ‘Lost’ Footage Reveals the Man in Black’s Real Name


Well, the news (and non-news!) from Comic-Con just keeps rolling in. One of our favorite tidbits so far comes from the Lost: One Year Later panel, which had creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse claiming that they could shut up viewers who suspected they were making up the show as the went along with the “smoking gun” — a deleted scene from the Season 1 finale that would prove they had their mythology in order years before reality split and everybody went to heaven. Of course, the whole presentation (which even involved Stormtroopers because, you know, it was Comic-Con) was a joke, which Nerd Bastards reports was recently shot by Lost director Jack Bender on the Disney backlot. But it was a well-executed one, with Lindelof and Cuse proving they have a good sense of humor about their haters. Watch the three-minute video and learn the Man in Black’s name after the jump.

[via BuzzFeed]