Gallery: Art Inspired by Pee-wee Herman


We love all things Pee-wee Herman, so when we heard that the culture vultures at Venice’s Gallery 1988 were mounting a group show in his honor, we marked our calendars. The adorably named I Know You Art, But What Am I? opens from 7-10pm Friday and runs through August 19th. Many artists from the exhibition have already posted their contribution online, and we love what we’ve seen so far: an old-school baseball team where every player is Pee-wee; our hero as a ventriloquist dummy, a piece of toast, and a tequila ad; and even a bloodthirsty zombie Pee-wee. In other words, the art is as odd and imaginative as Paul Reubens’s character himself. Check out what we’ve spotted so far, and keep an eye on Gallery 1988’s website for more work and information on buying pieces from the show.

JoKa [via]

Jason Edmiston [via]

Oliver Barrett [via]

Chogrin [via]

Matthew Hawkins [via]

Ryan Brinkerhoff/Bandito Design Co. [via]

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Scott Derby [via]

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