Alec Baldwin’s Guide to Film


As Vulture noted yesterday, Alec Baldwin has been rather accessible to his fans on Twitter recently. Although he’s been tweeting about everything from his restaurants of choice to Beverly Hills, 90210 (Q: “Who has better hair: Dylan McKay, Brandon Walsh, Jim Walsh or Steve Sanders?” A: “Hugh O’Brien”), this morning he’s answered countless questions about his favorite movies, with followers asking him to pick his top film by scores of actors and directors. The result is a pretty freaking strong — although not at all obvious — viewing list. We’ve transcribed Baldwin’s responses after the jump for easy Netflix-queue updating.

Favorite Coen Brothers movie: Barton Fink or Miller’s Crossing

Favorite Jack Nicholson movie: Ironweed

Favorite Steven Spielberg movie: Munich

Favorite Robert Altman movie: Short Cuts

Favorite Marlon Brando movie: On the Waterfront

Favorite Clark Gable movie: The Misfits

Favorite Sissy Spacek movie: Coal Miner’s Daughter, Affliction, The River

Favorite James Stewart movie: Anatomy of a Murder

Favorite Paul Newman movie: The Verdict

Favorite Robert De Niro movie: Awakenings

Favorite Martin Scorsese movie: The Age of Innocence

Favorite Cary Grant movie: Notorious

Favorite Audrey Hepburn movie: Wait Until Dark

Favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

Favorite Burt Reynolds movie: Sharky’s Machine

Favorite Tom Hanks movie: Castaway

Favorite Humphrey Bogart movie: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Favorite James Bond movie: Thunderball (“just for the title song with Tom Jones”)

Favorite John Wayne movie: Red River

Favorite Clint Eastwood movie: The Outlaw Josey Wales

Favorite John Cassavetes movie: Husbands

Favorite Barbara Streisand movie: The Mirror Has Two Faces, Prince of Tides, Funny Girl

Favorite Gene Hackman movie: Unforgiven, The French Connection, The Royal Tenenbaums

Favorite Stanley Kubrick movie: Paths of Glory, Barry Lyndon

Favorite Meryl Streep movie: Out of Africa

Favorite Michael Caine movie: Hannah and Her Sisters

Favorite Denzel Washington movie: Malcolm X

Favorite Steve McQueen movie: Papillon

Favorite Dustin Hoffman movie: Midnight Cowboy

Favorite sci-fi movie: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Favorite Johnny Depp movie: Sweeney Todd

Favorite Michael Douglas movie: The Game

Favorite Star Trek movie: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Favorite Cantinflas movie: Around the World in 80 Days

Favorite Daniel Day-Lewis performance: The Last of the Mohicans

Favorite Kate Winslet movie or performance: All of them