A Masked Speidi, Facebook Vampires, & Puppies That Glow [Morning Links]


Remember those pics I wanted to see of Heidi and Spencer in their honeymoon swine flu masks? Bam! [via Gawker]

Listen to a leak of the Causes 2 Compilation featuring Decemberists, LCD Soundsystem, Sharon Jones, and Black Moth Super Rainbow. [via MTV]

1oo Days of FOX News Hatin’ (video) [via BuzzFeed]

Drawdio: A Pencil That Lets You Draw Music [via Wired]

The vampires of Facebook (aka all of those people you’re friends with, but only in the virtual sense) might be sucking you dry. [via SF Gate]

In honor of his 110th anniversary of his birth, the Duke Ellington Orchestra took to the A train. (slideshow) [via NYT]

Is it wrong that I want one: “The photo at right shows the dog under ultraviolet light, glowing red due to the influence of fluorescent genes.” [via MSN]