Photo Gallery: Go to ‘School’ in The Netherlands


We don’t know about you, but we always find it bittersweet when the commercials for school supplies start running this time of year. Oh, to be young and buying spiral notebooks and glue-sticks again! School, a series by Dutch photographer Raimond Wouda, might give you some much-needed perspective on those feelings of nostalgia. Snapped at various secondary schools in between classes, the images give the viewer a voyeuristic view into the social lives of students in the Netherlands — from the chaos of the hallways to clear delineation between cliques in the cafeteria. Click through to check out some of our favorite photos, and for the entire collection, grab Wouda’s 2009 coffee-table book.

Raimond Wouda, Damstede I, Amsterdam, 2003. Spotted via Booooooom

Raimond Wouda, Caland Lyceum II, Amsterdam, 2005

Raimond Wouda, CSG Dingstede, Meppel, 2005

Raimond Wouda, Linde College I, Eesveen, 2005

Raimond Wouda, Veluws College, Apeldoorn, 2006

Raimond Wouda, Scholengemeenschap Tabor I, Hoorn, 2006

Raimond Wouda, Johan de Wit College, Den Haag, 2006

Raimond Wouda, Hervion College II, Den Bosch, 2005

Raimond Wouda, Koning Willem II College, Tilburg, 2006

Raimond Wouda, Assink College I, Eibergen, 2004

Raimond Wouda, Damstede II, Amsterdam, 2003

Raimond Wouda, Linge College, Tiel, 2006

Raimond Wouda, Pallas Athene College, Ede, 2005

Raimond Wouda, Segbroek College II, Den Haag 2005