Rainn Wilson’s Favorite Retro Sci-Fi Reads


The LA Times’ Hero Complex blog just posted an interesting personal essay by self-proclaimed “science fiction and fantasy nerd” Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight from The Office), and in it, he lists off some of the best books that he discovered growing up in suburban Seattle. “My dad was an aspiring sci-fi author and we used to go every year to NorWesCon, the sci-fi and fantasy convention of Seattle,” he writes. “The most bizarre, mossy, unwashed nerds of the northwest would crawl out of their caves and cabins and caverns and descend upon the Ramada Inn at Sea-Tac airport for a weekend of lectures, book signings and Dungeons & Dragons gaming.” We’ll reveal that both City (“I was obsessed with this book as a teen”) and Outlaw of Gor (“Why my parents let me read these books, I’ll never know”) make the cut, but you’ll have to head here to check out all 10 of his picks.