Rosa Parks’ Pancake Recipe, Short Story and Postcard From MLK Up For Auction


Famous civil rights advocate Rosa Parks’ entire estate, including a handwritten postcard from Martin Luther King Jr (he’s thinking of her constantly), a recipe for ‘Featherlite’ pancakes (secret ingredient: peanut butter), and six pages of what may or may not be a fictional first-person essay describing a near-rape, is now up for auction at Guernsey’s, a New York City auction house. Since Parks’ death in 2005, there has been a fair amount of arguing as to what to do with her personal items, some of which are inarguably of enormous historical significance. Now, Guernsey’s will auction off the trove as one large lot for an estimated $10 million. But you don’t have to pay a dime to make your breakfast just like Rosa Parks. Click through to steal Rosa Parks’ pancake recipe, and sneak a peek at the other items up for auction from her estate.

All photos via AP.