Wanted: Comic Stories Inspired By The Smiths


As if we didn’t have enough opportunity to geek out over our favorite music, now we can look forward to Unite and Take Over, an anthology of comic stories, each one inspired by a different Smiths song. “The concept is pretty simple,” creator Shawn Demumbrum says, “what’s the story that plays in your head when you listen to your favorite Smiths song?” The anthology sets 15 different creative teams to work creating comic stories out of some of the most beloved tracks (including some of the songs that will mess you up the most), like “Girlfriend in a Coma,” “Shoplifters of the World Unite,” “Cemetery Gates,” “Pretty Girls Make Graves,” “What Difference Does It Make.” Each artist and writer team “uses the song as an inspiration, a jumping off point, a theme or a mood,” so if they’ve done their job right, the comics will stand alone as great works of art in addition to recalling some Morrissey brilliance. Demumbrum and his team are planning to unveil Unite and Take Over at the Tuscon Comic-Con this November. Want a copy for your very own? Head over to Kickstartr to make sure this project happens, and follow along at the project’s blog. [via Largehearted Boy]