World Record: Mona Lisa In 6,239 Dots


Being lovers of both fine art and irreverence, when we stumbled across this amazing project by Melbourne-based artist Thomas Pavitte over at Colossal, we were completely charmed. Unable to find a satisfactorily large connect the dots puzzle, he gave up the search and made his own, a 6,239 dot representation of the Mona Lisa, which he dubs an “unofficial world record.” We’ll say. “Dot-to-dot drawings are one of the most basic forms of art,” Pavitte writes, “all you need is the ability to count.” Well, we’re not sure if that’s all you need when you’re creating and then completing a 6,239 connect the dots puzzle, but it sure sounds nice, and it looks pretty cool too. Click through for some more pictures and a time-lapse video of Mona’s 9.5 hour (!) creation.